Home Spa Manicure Set

$49 $65

Home Spa Mani-Pedi  Set : our DIY  set is made to help you enjoy in home Mani- Pedi without the need to ever leave the house . Just because we all have to stay at home doesn’t mean you can’t feel pampered and have beautiful nails . Take a little break and relax . Step 1.-feel up a large bowl with hot water ( not too hot ) - place a fizzie  inside and soak your feet . Step 2 - cut and shape your nails Step 3 - generously apply a body scrub all  over your feet or hands and scrub , use lava stone on your feet only , that will help you to get reed of the dry skin and soften the cuticles.while the oils inside will bind moister in to your pours . Step4- use our multi usefull walnut polisher or a creamy scrub  to gently buff your skin and balance your PH level( can be used on face as well ) . Step 5- apply a buttercream to moisturize and hydrate your skin . Step 6- apply  any nail polish and let it dry .   P.S- the scent and the scrubs in a set is selected randomly on a daily basis . 

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